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Responsive Helpdesk

Heavily Certified - Comprehensive IT Support Services

Responsive Helpdesk

We believe in a simple process. You have a problem and we get it fixed meeting security guidelines and verifying the solutions resolves the issue for good. That’s why our helpdesk is heavily certified and trained to fix your IT headaches.

We can support on premises technologies and your cloud technologies.

Our certifications include but are not limited to, Windows, Red Hat Linux, Mac OSX, Citrix, Cisco, VMWARE and other industry standard technologies.

We Provide:

Unlimited remote support during business hours, after hours, and holidays. Ongoing training for your staff. 24/7/365 Monitoring and alerting of all network devices. Decades of accumulated IT support experience.

You Get:

Dedicated IT Administrator, dedicated IT support team. Friendly hyper responsive technical support. Implementation of a comprehensive update/upgrade process. IT support integrated into your phone/email systems if technically feasible.


Security is a vast exotic topic and security compliance is as subtle as it is difficult to achieve. We can assist in meeting compliance standards including PCI, HIPPA/HITECH, NIST800-171 and more.

We provide a Security operations Center (SoC), security planning, technologies, management and consulting to meet your needs.

We Provide:

Centralized Security, Ransomware Prevention, Patch management, Network security monitoring, Vulnerability assessments, Incident response team/planning, and more. Email security, continuity and archive.

You Get:

Comprehensive IT security planning and documentation generation. 24/7/365 real-time network security monitoring. Incident response team. State of the art IT Security technologies implemented by default; 2fa, real-time monitoring, centralized security scanning, vulnerability identification and remediation.


We believe that just because technology fails doesn’t mean you should lose productivity.. We can keep you running even when you lose server hardware.

We also don’t believe that malicious attacks like ransomware should prevent you from doing your work.

We Provide:

Onsite/Offsite failover capabilities. Hybrid Cloud backup recovery. Virtual machine replication. Virtual infrastructure hosting (Azure/AWS). Hosted and o365 email services. Hardware monitoring and replacement.

You Get:

A comprehensive failover and disaster recovery solution and strategy. Hardware monitoring and hardware replacement cycles to keep your hardware current and operating at its best. Disaster recovery and incident response plans. Incident response team.


We are the geeks that enjoy policies, compliance standards, planning, assessing, and remediating issues.

We can help manage your IT infrastructure.

We Provide:

System and Network engineering teams & NOC

System administration team & SysOPs

Cyber security team & VCISO

IT Management team & VCIO

You Get:

Up to date IT and security documentation. Asset management, 24/7/365 Monitoring and alerting. Technical expertise. Annual vulnerability assessments and remediation plans.

We do it all for you as part of your team.

We treat your I.T. needs like our I.T. needs.
Total I.T. coverage. Access to 216,000 hours of experience.

Our pledge to all new clients is that we only bring on your company and no others during our initial assessments, document creation, our configuration analysis, and while resolving your security issues. We take on one new client at a time and no more.

Your teams I.T. infrastructure will be our teams only concern while we are on-boarding your organization, worked out your security issues, resolve your configuration and performance issues, and completed your I.T. plan, risk assessment and security plan, and incident response plans.

NSS does things a little different than your average traditional managed service provider. We believe that our modern approach to on-boarding and on-going analysis set us worlds apart from the I.T. services you may have known in the past.

  • We look over every part of your existing infrastructure and build a comprehensive I.T. plan that will set achievable goals to create a more stable, secure, and reliably fast infrastructure.

  • We analyze every aspect of your workstations, servers, network devices, and hosted & cloud services to uncover any security threats. We collect that information into a comprehensive security plan. We then make recommendations to resolve and mitigate all of the security threats you face. We monitor your network 24/7/365 for network abnormalities and use our incident response plan to meet the challenges of new and emerging cyber-security threats.

  • Our "actually" proactive management of your workstations and servers is different than most service providers you may have talked with. Our goal is to find problems with your devices before they happen. This means that we conduct very regular assessments of your devices and actually go looking for problems on a weekly basis. We treat your network like we treat our network.

  • We are always reviewing your needs and developing plans to meet them. Our team meets regularly to find ways to enhance your teams technical experience. We provide security awareness training, short term and capital budget planning, we work with you vendors and require all of our staff be trained on your needs as our partner.