The answer to this question is more than likely ‘yes’ – whether you realize it or not.

Technology is a critical part of your business, which makes it essential that you pay close attention to your cybersecurity posture. If you’re not making an effort to keep your cybersecurity up-to-date, you could be setting your business up for disaster without even realizing it. Threats are becoming more prominent and more dangerous, which means your cybersecurity needs to be a step ahead of the latest virus or scam.

So ask yourself, is your business as well protected as you think it is? Is your network security capable of standing up to the latest cyber threats? Are your current policies and procedures doing enough to protect the integrity of your data? Could you be overlooking a critical weakness in your defenses?

Have no idea what the answers to these questions are?

Let Neuron IT Services Answer Them For You With A Comprehensive Risk Assessment.

I’m sure this isn’t the first one of these offers you’ve come across. A lot of IT providers are happy to poke around inside your network for potential trouble spots, but our risk assessment does much more than simply evaluate your security measures. This in-depth 30-day process analyzes your devices, your network, and the way your users interact with your data.

Our assessment is designed to detect:

  • Insider threats, both accidental and malicious
  • Data handling issues
  • Data storage issues
  • Which users are actually using expensive software and applications
  • Problematic web browsing activity
  • How workstations are being utilized
  • How print resources are being utilized
  • And more

We’re concerned with much more than just your firewall software and password policies; we want to comb over every inch of your network to make sure we don’t miss a single thing. It only takes one small flaw to grant a hacker access to your systems and data, and those flaws are what we’re searching for. We want to find them for you before someone with much less honorable intentions does.

And the best part? We have zero expectations from you once the assessment is complete. No contract. No strings. Just honest, expert feedback acquired through an efficient and detailed investigation.

Without this kind of insight into your technology, your business could be vulnerable to a serious security breach – one that can lead to significant data loss and steep consequences. Taking the time to make sure you’re doing everything you can to prevent a security incident will save you time and money down the road, and keep your reputation intact.

Ready to take Neuron IT Services up on our offer? Have questions about the cybersecurity services we offer? Contact us at (603) 413-3992 or [email protected] today.