What Kind of Hackers Are Targeting Your Information Technology?

You may have read or heard that 75% of cyber breaches were perpetrated by outsiders. That leaves the other 25% of hacking as internal, from employees or vendors? What steps are you taking to protect your business against internal and external hacking and cyber attacks?

Hackers come in all shapes and sizes. They are no longer just the hooded, faceless criminal type targeting networks. Cybercriminals could be your friend, relative, or employee. Whoever they are, they don’t care about you, the size of your company or the disaster you face. Hackers want to grab whatever sensitive information you have and sell it.

Here are just a few questions and protocols you should be reviewing regularly:

  • How often do I update our anti-virus software and managed firewalls?
  • Are my employees adequately trained in cyber security best practices?
  • Is my network aggressively monitored around-the-clock to stop attacks?
  • When was the last time our company underwent a thorough security assessment to find vulnerabilities?

If you’ve not addressed any of these questions, you’re leaving your company wide open for a preventable cyberattack. Not just from outsiders but internal actors as well.

According to Verizon’s Annual Data Breach Investigation Report, the top 4 cyber tactics are:

  • 62% of breaches featured hacking
  • 51% of violations included malware
  • 43% were social attacks
  • 81% of the hacking-related abuses leveraged either stolen and/or weak passwords

Cybercrime is affecting business each and every day. You must not settle for a simple firewall, anti-virus software, and spam filtering. Aggressive cybersecurity goes above and beyond these tools – making sure you’re prepared for the worst.

You don’t need to become another statistic. Neuron IT Services offers cybersecurity services designed to keep your company safe against all threats.

Our staff of experts in cybersecurity will confirm your sensitive information remains safe – protecting your reputation, client partnerships, and of course, profitability. We’ll:

  • Supply you with up to date cyber-security solutions that protect your systems and data.
  • Take immediate steps should threats occur – making sure damage will not happen.
  • Guide and equip your employees to spot threats and the steps are taken to minimize your risk.

You want an Information Technology company that works hard to protect you, your staff and your livelihood. For more information, contact Neuron IT Services at (603) 413-3992 or send us an email at [email protected] .