IT Support Provided By Those Who Served Our Country With Pride

If you’re worried about the security of your business data and technology, shouldn’t you look for an IT Provider who is trained to protect our nation? Look no further, because you’ve found us. We’re Neuron IT Services, and as U.S. military veterans we provide expert veteran IT support and we’ve got your back when it comes to reliable and secure technology.

Neuron Security was born after Jason Vivier completed his term in the military. He worked in IT for more than a decade in non-profit IT, healthcare IT, and the private sector. Later he took a position as a senior systems engineer and was suddenly laid off due to no fault of his own.

Jason isn’t someone to give in, go home and pull the covers over his head. Instead, he decided that he didn’t want to ever be at the mercy of an employer again. So, he took every bit of savings that he and his wife had accumulated and invested it in a startup –Neuron IT Services. Word got out, and before he knew it, Jason landed his first client.

As a true entrepreneur, Jason realized that to grow his business he needed to hire some real talent. After bringing on other security-minded IT professionals to handle his clients’ needs, he could focus on growing the company. Now, our team has over 216,000 hours of veteran IT Support and Security experience.

Jason’s been so successful growing our business that a fellow military veteran wanted to buy in as a partner. Today, Brandon handles all of our operations in New Hampshire, while Jason focuses on our clients in and around Maryland. This partnership has accelerated our growth because we can now serve many businesses in two locations.

Who We Serve

We serve organizations in Southern New Hampshire and the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Right now, we specialize in working with manufacturing, healthcare, and non-profit organizations. As we grow, we’ll add veteran IT support professionals with experience in other industries. We serve businesses with from 10 to 100 end users.

Our ideal client:

  • Needs security services attached to IT support for protecting confidential, proprietary, patient, and donor information.
  • Understands the value of their business data and wants to grow to provide a better livelihood for their employees.
  • Realizes the value of technology and how it can benefit their organization.
  • Knows that have a place in the decision making about where they want secure and reliable IT to take them.
  • Trust that together we can bring their dreams to fruition with the right technologies.
  • Believes that we can provide IT that will grow their business in a secure and efficient manner.
  • Wants to contain costs for new and updated technologies but realizes how important it is to invest in the solutions they require.
  • Is looking for a trusted technology partner who respects them and knows this is what we want to be.

We know that all businesses are different and have unique IT needs. We learn what they need and provide it. It’s that simple.

What We Provide

IT Support: We provide full problem resolution with a team of highly skilled and certified help desk engineers. Our NOC (Network Operations Center) maintains your servers and conducts after-hours support when it’s convenient for your staff members.

IT Security: All of our IT Support clients are also our IT Security clients. We deploy technologies like encryption for laptops and two-factor authentication by default and not as an add-on. We provide enhanced security management including, compliance (HIPAA/DFARS/NIST 800-171), SoC (Security operations Center 24×7 Security Monitoring), and Vulnerability Assessments and mitigation. A Neuron support customer is automatically a Neuron security customer.

IT Management: We can take all IT management off of your plate! We will handle all of your technology-related management issues from ordering software and hardware, and maintain IT policies, to ensuring your staff is adequately trained and more.

Our Values

  1. Loyalty – which implies honesty
  2. Empathy – which implies loyalty
  3. Dedication to the first two
  4. Not compromising on the top three – integrity

How We Provide Value

Our clients tell us that what they like most about our services is that we provide real value with:

  • Peace of mind knowing they are well taken care of.
  • Having a partner who helps them plan for the technical future of their business.
  • A team that truly worries about their work and cybersecurity and is always on watch for threats to their livelihood.
  • The great customer service we provide. If our clients are a little happy with us, this is never good enough. We love our clients, and we want them to love our company, too.

We can do this because:

  • We are always there 24/7/365 to answer support requests.
  • Our clients achieve more and worry less.
  • We are technical problem solvers, not just IT people.
  • We keep our goals focused on our clients. It’s not important what we want –what is important is how we can help them reach their goals.

We’re Excited About The Future

In time we hope to add a sales team, business manager, engineering team and a public relations manager who can coordinate speaking events for us. As you can see, we think big. As a business owner or manager, you know that this is an important attribute for any entrepreneur.

Today, Jason is happy that he lost his job because he would never have been able to envision a future as an owner of a trustworthy, honest veteran IT Support and Security company that helps so many grow their businesses with the most effective and secure technology.

Are you looking for IT Support and Security experts who have your best interests at heart? Look no further than Neuron IT Services. Contact us at (603) 413-3992 or [email protected] for an assessment of your IT and security needs.